'Dragon Ball Super: Broly' Teases Details About Broly's New Self

The character design sheet for Dragon Ball Super: Broly has been translated at last, giving fans a [...]

The character design sheet for Dragon Ball Super: Broly has been translated at last, giving fans a little more info on the rebooted story.

The infograph was translated by Twitter user Todd Blankenship, along with numerous other articles. It shed new light on the updated drawings of Broly and Paragus, which have been floating around online for some time now. Blankenship pointed out that one of the biggest points left open to interpretation is the header.

Broly and Paragus designs (translated) from r/dbz

"Yes, they literally say Broly is 'destroying' the new movie," he tweeted. "I assume they mean it in the sense of, like, totally owning it or whatever, but there you have it."

The captions around Broly pointed viewers to at least one key characteristic.

"From a well-muscled body he transforms into a Super Saiyan!!" it says. "This time Broly's distinguishing feature is the scar on his left breast!! This man... Just how strong is he?!"

The X-shaped scar on Broly's chest has already been a point of interest for some. He acquired a similar mark in Broly: Second Coming, though the old movies were never a part of the series' canon. Now, Toriyama has chosen not only to include the scar, but to point it out specifically ahead of the movie's release.

The block of text above Paragus also add some ominous details. It warns that "even now, [Broly is] such a popular character throughout the world that he's even rumored to be the strongest Dragon Ball character."

This suggests that Toriyama and the movie's other creators may be building up Broly's enormous strength even more than in his previous appearances. In the past, Broly was a villain that could only be defeated through the cooperation of many powerful fighters. Even then, he was never full destroyed -- only subdued or sent hurtling out into space.

Still, as the show has progressed Goku and Vegeta have acquired new levels of strength that literally allow them to go toe-to-toe with gods, making it hard to imagine any foe that they couldn't handle. With this write-up, it appears that the movie's creators are trying to raise the stakes, warning fans that the rebooted Broly will have more than enough power to stand against Super Saiyan Blue.

One more notable hint on the graphic points out Paragus' belt. The grey-haired Saiyan has a grey box attached to his waist, matching the collar fastened around Broly's neck. The caption says that "Paragus accompanies his son with a certain ambition in mind. The device on his belt holds an important secret?!"

All these teases give hints but no concrete details on what is to come in Dragon Ball Super: Broly. Fans will just have to wait and see to get the whole picture. The movie premieres in Japan on Dec. 14, and is expected to make its way over to the U.S. some time in January.