'Dragon Ball Super' Opens the Door to Cell's Resurrection

The latest bonus chapter of Dragon Ball Super makes a small mention that may have huge [...]

The latest bonus chapter of Dragon Ball Super makes a small mention that may have huge implications of something fans have long wanted to see happen in the franchise: the return of Dragon Ball Z villain, Cell!

The latest Jump Carnival Dragon Ball Super bonus chapter fills us in on what transpired on Android 17's island home while the Tournament of Power was going on, and No. 17 left Goten, Trunks and Marron to watch over things. In addition to stopping some poachers, Goten, Trunk, and Marron also made a dark discovery that No. 17 forgot to warn them about: the presence of some surviving Cell Jr.'s on the island!

Here's what we learn in the story:

The presence of these Cell Jr.'s - possibly regenerated from the original Cell Jr.'s Gohan beat - is the biggest plot thread we've had that could concievably lead to Cell's return - and the fact that this bonus chapter was done by Dragon Ball Super manga maestro Toyotaro himself, lends credit to these being seeds getting sewn into the "official canon," which could be referenced at a later date. So are we looking at the first hints at a Cell comeback? It would be an understatement to say that fans are decidedly divided on the issue.

Cell's return has been argued ever since that arc of Dragon Ball Z ended so very long ago. For every fan who thinks it's a crime that Cell is one of the only villains not to get a second act in the Dragon Ball Super era, there seems to be another who swears that the villain was lame, or a "Freeza Knockoff" who doesn't need a comeback arc.


Cell's origin and backstory were a driving force behind the Dragon Ball FighterZ video game, which saw Cell's creator, Dr. Gero, reveal some long-buried secrets, in the form of Android 21. That storyline had some direct ties back to Cell, and he was a featured player in the game's story mode, while also having some deliciously awesome cut scenes with the other characters, building on their shared history in Dragon Ball Z. If nothing else, FighterZ was great tease of the character arcs and relationships that fans would get with Cell's return, and there's even fan artwork dedicated to imagining what "Perfect Cell" would look like in the context of Dragon Ball Super, if he were to absorb the more powerful selection of fighters that were featured in the series.

For now it's all wishful thinking, but after the game-changing events of the upcoming Dragon Ball Super: Broly movie, who knows what might be next. "Resurrection C" could happen - but the question is, do you want it to?

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