Dragon Ball Super Confirms Vegeta's New Trainer

Dragon Ball Super has confirmed Vegeta's new trainer with the next big chapter of the series! The [...]

Dragon Ball Super has confirmed Vegeta's new trainer with the next big chapter of the series! The Granolah the Survivor arc is now in full swing in Dragon Ball Super, and the series has shared an early look at the first few pages of the next big chapter of the series. As we had seen in the first two chapters of the arc, Goku and Vegeta are gearing up for their next big phases in power as the two of them are chasing both angelic and god of destruction abilities. It even teased Vegeta was going to train with Beerus.

The previous chapters of the arc saw Beerus beat down Vegeta in order to establish whether or not he could truly pick up the techniques of a God of Destruction. As Vegeta combats his feelings about his past, the first look at Chapter 70 of the series has confirmed that Beerus has indeed taken Vegeta under his wing directly and is now teaching him how to use Hakai as teased through those first chapters.

The preview pages for Chapter 70 of the series (as highlighted by @DBSChronicles on Twitter) confirms that Beerus has indeed decided to fully train Vegeta, and even reveals that there are various levels to using the Hakai technique. These various levels to the Hakai technique is also probably why Beerus had tried to crack Vegeta's mental state by getting him to really reflect on the Saiyans' destructive deeds in the past.

The previous chapter of the series saw Beerus explain that he actually had a role in the destruction of planet Vegeta years ago, and it's revealed in a way that's meant to take this weight off of Vegeta's shoulders. In order to have him ascend to the next level of godly power, he's going to need to reach a different kind of serene state like Goku does with Ultra Instinct. It seems that this mental state is what leads to a true mastery of Hakai, and luckily we'll see that soon with Vegeta now training with Beerus.

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