Dragon Ball Super Shares Sneak Peek at Chapter 70

Dragon Ball Super has shared a sneak peek at Chapter 70 of the series! Dragon Ball Super has [...]

Dragon Ball Super has shared a sneak peek at Chapter 70 of the series! Dragon Ball Super has officially kick started the Granolah the Suvrivor arc with its previous two chapters as it's introduced fans to a new warrior who has traumatic ties with the Saiyans' history. This isn't the only major draw of the arc as a whole, however, as both Goku and Vegeta are also beginning their next phase of training with angelic and God of Destruction techniques. With so many spinning plates, there's a major excitement to see what comes next from the series.

Chapter 70 of Dragon Ball Super will be officially releasing in just a matter of days, and to celebrate, the series has released an early look at the first few pages of the chapter. Like many of these rough draft previews in the past, there could be changes before the final product is released but they reveal a good sense of what we can expect from the direction of the next big chapter in the series. Here's an example spotted by @Herms 98 on Twitter:

The previous chapter of the series introduced some interesting wrinkles to the entire series' lore as a whole as through Granolah we not only find out more about the Namekians' ties to the Dragon Balls, but learn that there could be all sorts of new sets of Dragon Balls out there in the universe. This goes an extra mile at the end of that chapter with a cliffhanger that a new wish will be granted on that newly introduced set of Dragon Balls. A wish that we see in action with the first look at Chapter 70.

Granolah had asked this new version of Shenron to make him the strongest warrior in the universe, and it raised all sorts of interesting questions about how strong these new Dragon Balls really are. With a condition placed on his wish, we might be getting some major clues as to these Dragon Balls with the next chapter.

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