Dragon Ball Super Cliffhanger Hints At Power-Up For Vegeta

Vegeta has come a long way since first being introduced as a villain in the early days of Dragon Ball Z, leaving his days of killing innocent people behind him and instead working on protecting the Earth and its citizens. Now, with the Saiyan Prince learning the new transformation Ultra Ego, it seems that Vegeta might still have room to grow as the latest chapter continues the battle between the Z-Fighters and the criminal organization known as the Heeters continues.     

Warning. If you have yet to read the latest chapter of Dragon Ball Super, Chapter 70, you might want to steer clear as we'll be diving into some slight spoiler territory.

With the previous chapter of the manga focusing primarily on the battle between Bardock and Gas which took place before the Planet Vegeta was destroyed by Frieza, the Saiyans of the present were able to figure out how Goku's dad was able to defeat the Heeter. Being given new Saiyan outfits by Monaito, which they quickly discarded for their original fits, Goku and Vegeta had their first team-up in their newest transformations, seeing Ultra Ego and Ultra Instinct side-by-side to help in fighting Gas

Vegeta is able to prove this chapter that not only did he learn his new technique from Universe Seven's god of destruction, but he also learned the energy known as Hakai which normally is able to destroy anything and anyone it touches. Hurling the ball directly at Gas, it seems that the Heeter's power level is so high that he was able to push it back toward the Saiyans, with Goku being left high and dry as Vegeta attempted to take down the antagonist with a frontal assault.

Vegeta's attack is unsuccessful as Gas is able to lay him low with some devastating hits, but the Saiyan Prince bounces back in record time. Stunning the Heeter, the Prince of all Saiyans ends the chapter by stating:

"Damage is nothing but fuel for me. Do you realize what that means? I'm only getting stronger." 

While we doubt that Vegeta will employ a new transformation before this latest storyline ends, perhaps many Dragon Ball Super fans will get their wish and the former villain will ultimately be the one to defeat Gas.