Dragon Ball Super Cosplay Shows Off Beerus' Full Power

Beerus has had a major impact on the Dragon Ball Franchsie since the sequel series of Dragon Ball Super began, first being introduced as a villain and then becoming a shaky ally with the Z Fighters. Though the god of destruction hasn't been fighting alongside the Z Fighters in the Moro or Granolah Arcs in the manga, his influence has had a big role on Vegeta, with the Saiyan Prince learning the transformation of Ultra Ego under his guidance. With new Cosplay hitting the net to celebrate the feline destroyer, it's clear that Beerus has made an impact on fans of the Shonen franchise. 

The initial battle between Goku and Beerus ended without a definitive victor, as it was apparent that the God of Destruction was holding back a large amount of his power. With Son recently mastering the power of Ultra Instinct, fans have been waiting to see if either Goku or Vegeta has become strong enough to defeat the feline deity. With both the arcs of Moro and Granolah The Survivor not giving a major role to Beerus, the Z Fighters have improved astronomically regardless and readers are left wondering if a battle between the god of destruction and the Saiyans might be around the corner.

Instagram Cosplayer Xhaos Cosplays shared this unique take on the God of Destruction, using a mask to help in bringing Beerus to life as he remains an important part of Dragon Ball Super and has been regarded as one of the most popular new characters introduced in the sequel series:

Vegeta's new transformation doesn't just give the Prince of all Saiyans a massive power boost, but Ultra Ego also gives him an appearance that is far closer to Beerus as his brow becomes more prominent and he is given a purple aura. Though the Saiyan Prince was not able to defeat Granolah in the latest manga arc with this new transformation, it remains one of the biggest elements introduced in this storyline and is sure to play a big role in the future of Vegeta and his friends.

It's unknown whether Beerus will have a role to play in next year's Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, though we definitely wouldn't be surprised considering how strong of an influence the god of destruction has had on the latest chapter of the Z Fighters.

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