Dragon Ball Super Editor Reveals Toriyama's Surprise Change to Ultra Instinct

One of the biggest new transformations that has been introduced in Dragon Ball Super is Ultra Instinct, a unique technique that relies on the user allowing their own body to "make the decisions for them", an editor for the popular Shonen series' manga broke down the original plan for Goku's ultimate technique! Originally, in the editor's talks with both Akira Toriyama and Toyotaro, there was a much different plan for Ultra Instinct, but the appearance of the technique was changed as its introduction moved closer during the Tournament of Power Arc in Dragon Ball Super's anime and manga!

One of the major changes that comes with Ultra Instinct, along with an insane boost of power based around the idea that no energy is going to waste during offensive and defensive moves, is that the mastered form of the transformation will turn Goku's hair silver. With the first phase of Ultra Instinct not changing Goku's hair color, but rather changing the color of his eyes as well as the energy of his aura, it was clear that Toriyama and the minds behind the current Dragon Ball series felt that there needed to be a big shift once Son had mastered the technique. As Goku has seemingly mastered the transformation in the latest arc of the series in Moro, it will be interesting to see if Ultra Instinct has any surprises in store for the Z Fighter.

Twitter User Cipher_DB shared a bullet point of the recent interview that Dragon Ball Super editor, "Victory" Uchiha, was a part of wherein he broke down a number of different aspects of the series as well as stating that Goku's hair wasn't originally supposed to be silver when he used Ultra Instinct:

With Goku mastering Ultra Instinct in his fight against the energy absorbing sorcerer, one has to wonder if any of the other Z Fighters will be able to learn the transformation as well, or if Goku will learn a technique one day that is even stronger!


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