'Dragon Ball Super' Changed Yet Another Tournament Rule

Dragon Ball Super is familiar with how Tournaments work, but the anime didn’t expect the [...]

Dragon Ball Super is familiar with how Tournaments work, but the anime didn't expect the Omni-Kings to be so difficult. The anime's latest episode saw Zeno and Future Zeno make another change to the Tournament of Power's rules, but fans feel okay about the alteration.

If you are caught up with Dragon Ball Super, then you will know episode 115 saw a new fusion get put to the test. Caulifla and Kale merged together using their Kaioshin's Potara earrings in a desperate bid to beat Goku, and the result introduced fans to one powerful fusion. Kefla returned to the Tournament's arena with seemingly infinite power, and Beerus was more than ready to call out Champa for cheating.

The Universe 7 god was quick to scold his twin, but Champa shrugged off the critique. The Universe 6 deity told his brother to use Potara fusions if he wanted, but Beerus said he was not interested in disqualifying his whole team. After all, the Omni-Kings did make an explicit rule saying outside items could not be used during battle.

However, it seems the Omni-Kings were willing to lift their own rule for fusions.

The gods could be seen watching Kefla with blatant joy. The Omni-Kings cheered on fusions as being cool, and they were okay with Potara earrings being used if they resulted in something so interesting. The Grand Priest then appeared to confirm Potara fusions are now allowed in the Tournament of Power, and a few universes began plotting how to best utilize the allowance.

In the past, the Omni-Kings have relaxed their rules in the face of powerful attacks. When Master Roshi used an empty bottle to perform the Evil Containment Wave, the gods allowed the martial artist to use the item since it was not inherently dangerous. The Omni-Kings were happy to allow the item since they thought Roshi's attack was cool, so it seems the childish gods can be persuaded to bend their own rules if a fighter can impress them.

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