‘Dragon Ball Super’ Reveals Kefla's Insane Finishing Move

Warning! Spoilers for Dragon Ball Super’s 116th episode lie below!Dragon Ball Super isn’t [...]

Warning! Spoilers for Dragon Ball Super's 116th episode lie below!

Dragon Ball Super isn't afraid to introduce fans to new attacks, but fans did not see Kefla's finishing move coming. The fusion went up against Ultra Instinct Goku in the anime's latest episode, and she put up one intense fight before she was taken out of the Tournament of Power.

You know, considering her ki turned into actual lasers and all. No - really.

If you watched Dragon Ball Super's newest episode, you will have seen Kefla unleash her final attack against Goku when the Saiyan began to charge his final Kamehameha. The Universe 7 fighter promised to take Kefla out with his next attack, but the girl wouldn't go down without a fight. After being backed into a corner, Kefla managed to intensify her power to a point never seen before.

After powering up, Kefla's ki was actually seen refining itself into laser-like beams. The bolts covered most of the arena as they were set loose, and Kefla's power managed to knock down mountains which stood in its way. Fighters watching Kefla were forced to move back, and it was Vados who finally gave commentary for what was happening to the fusion.

"Kefla's energy is being released in all directions like lasers. This is quite literally a final weapon," Vados revealed.

As fans might have expected, Beerus was less-than-pleased to see Kefla power up with her finishing move. Whis went so far as to call the the power an "unpleasant" one, and Beerus said the lasers must have been triggered by Goku strengthening his Ultra Instinct for his final attack.

If Kefla had been fighting any other opponent, her finisher would have spelled doom and likely death for the poor soul. However, the fusion was up against an unsurmountable obstacle; Goku's Ultra Instinct form allowed him to subconsciously dodge all of Kefla's lasers whilst charging his Kamehameha to take her out. And, as fans saw, Goku was ultimately able to out the fusion with a point-blank energy blast to the face.

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