Did 'Dragon Ball Super' Just Leak A Freeza Fusion?

Dragon Ball Super is gearing up for its next anime release, but fans think they have reason to fear for Freeza this weekend. Tomorrow, the anime will drop its newest episode, but Jump Festa helped hype fans for the release not long ago. A new image of the franchise's next fusion went live, and some fans are thinking it proves Freeza is about to get assimilated.

Obviously, word is out on whether the merge was a consensual one or not.

As you can see below, a brand-new image of Universe 3's special weapon, "Aniraza," has hit the Internet. The clearer picture shows Aniraza in all its merged glory, but fans cannot help but notice how similar the character looks to - well - Freeza.

(Photo: Toei Animation )

Aniraza is said to be the last-resort weapon for Universe 3, and the character will make its tentative debut this weekend. The fusion is said to be created from three of Universe 3's warriors, but synopses have hinted Aniraza will really go wild when a fourth gets added in. Just looking at the character, you can see there is a clear resemblance between Aniraza and Freeza, but that is not all. If you break down the show's Japanese, you will find even more connections tying the possible fusion together.

Over on Twitter, Terez27 went the extra mile to show how Aniraza's name seems to signal each of the fighters who comprise it. You can check out the damning lesson below:

"If you shorten Bollareta to his catchphrase "Bolla" (the only thing he ever says), and then take the last syllable of each character's name: ア = パンテア (Panchia) ニ = パパロニ (Paparoni) ラ = ボラ (Bora/Bolla) = ボラレータ (Borareta) ザ = フリーザ (Furīza) アニラザ = Aniraza."

As you can see, Aniraza's name even seems to hint that Freeza may become part of its merger. There is no telling whether the fusion will be a forced one, but audiences are concerned what could happen to Freeza. The villain has not gotten a chance to let loose in the Tournament of Power, and fans were hoping Freeza would get a good fight in with either Toppo or Dyspo. If the character gets ousted with Universe 3, then fans will be a bit more than stunned, and you can expect them to react with an anger that would make Freeza himself proud.


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