'Dragon Ball Super' Just Gave Freeza a Taste of His Own Medicine

Dragon Ball Super's latest episode pit the remaining Universe 7 team members (Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, Android 17 and Freeza) against the remaining Pride Troopers of Universe 11 (Dyspo, Toppo, Jiren). Those battles had numerous highlights, but this little moment with Freeza was a sweet callback that eagle-eyed fans spotted, and thoroughly enjoyed:

Apparently, Dyspo was playing extra close attention to how Freeza sadistically beat on Cabba from universe 6 before knocking him out of the tournament, and thought to return the favor!

It was a rare instance of seeing Freeza totally lose his usual cocksure evil swagger, as well as a fittingly humble beatdown for the villain, by an opponent who is all about furthering the cause of justice, and defeating evildoers just like Freeza. If you worried that Karma isn't enough of a force in the Dragon Ball Super universe, then look again!

Last we left things, Freeza is on the ground with Dyspo standing over him; Toppo has Gohan and Android 17 on the ropes, and Goku was freaking out about the serious damage that Jiren just inflicted on an Vegeta. Thankfully, episode spoilers tell us that the fight is nowhere near over yet!


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