Funimation Teases A Big ’Dragon Ball Super' Surprise

Dragon Ball Super is moving along with its ‘Universal Survival’ saga in Japan, but its English [...]

Dragon Ball Super is moving along with its 'Universal Survival' saga in Japan, but its English roll out is still a bit behind. Funimation's dub of the anime is working through the 'Universe 6' saga, but the studio may be about to announce something to hype fans.

After all, Funimation's Twitter is teasing fans to get ready for something super.

Over on social media, anime fans began buzzing after two posts by Funimation went live. The company shared a strange image of Beerus' silhouette with the caption "Get ready for something super," attached to it. An hour later, another teaser was shared featuring the same text but a blacked-out image of Hit was included.

As you can imagine, fans have been going wild with their theories about the teasers. Funimation has yet to announce when this super revelation will go live, but fans are thinking the posters have something to do with the 'Universe 6' saga and its home video release.

Just last month, Funimation released its second volume of Dragon Ball Super on home video. The Blu-ray bundle held episodes 14-26 and covered the anime's 'Resurrection of F' saga. As fans know, the next saga in line is the 'Universe 6' arc, and Funimation may try to get its third anime bundle out in time for the holidays.

For now, fans can only wait for Funimation to make an official announcement about its recent social media teasers. You can keep up with ComicBook as we'll be keeping an eye on the company as its impending reveal comes to light.

Do you think Funimation is about to reveal its next Dragon Ball Super Blu-ray set? Or does the company have another super surprise in mind for fans? Hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB to let me know and talk all things anime!