'Dragon Ball Super' Reveals More About the Gods of Destruction

Dragon Ball Super just crowned a new God of Destruction in the form of Toppo, the Universe 11 [...]

Dragon Ball Super just crowned a new God of Destruction in the form of Toppo, the Universe 11 Pride Trooper leader. Toppo was able to surpass his limits and ascend to god level by choice, forgoing his previous noble discipline of justice in exchange for the destructive power to save his own universe. In doing so, Toppo showed off a new technique, which shines a little more light on the nature of a God of Destruction's powers:


from discussion [SUB] Dragon Ball Super - Episode #125 - Discussion Thread!.

As you can see above, the big debate fans have been having has been over the nature of "Hakai," the destruction energy that gods of destruction use to wipe people and/or places out of existence. Quite a few fans were taken back when Toppo started tossing Hakai around the tournament arena, nearly hitting the spectator stands with one of his shots.

Other Dragon Ball Super fans and commentators point out that Toppo is illustrating Hakai technique that we've never really seen before:

There's been ongoing question about how Toppo's transformation will affect his performance in the Tournament of Power. The preview for the next episode shows that Vegeta may lay his very life on the line to stop Toppo; if the new God of Destruction actually kills or erases Vegeta, it would definitely disqualify him from the tournament.

So, the question of what's going through Toppo's mind as he's tossing around Hakai is definitely a big story point. If the Pride Trooper leader is being corrupted by the massive new power he's inherited, it could change the main objective of the tournament, and give Goku and Jiren reason to fight alongside one another, instead of against one another.

As for the issue of Universe 11 having two Gods of Destruction right now: it seems as though Toppo accessing the powers and strength of a GoD isn't the same as him inheriting the actual title from Belmond... yet:


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