Exclusive: Sean Schemmel Teases His Approach To Goku Black In ‘Dragon Ball Super’

There aren't many who get to say they are Goku, but Sean Schemmel is one of those guys. The actor [...]

There aren't many who get to say they are Goku, but Sean Schemmel is one of those guys. The actor is a vetted talent in the entertainment industry, and anime fans will know him best for voicing Goku in Dragon Ball's English dub. Recently, ComicBook had a chance to talk with the actor, and he teased fans about what they can expect from his take on Goku Black.

So, spoilers!

During a chat at New York Comic Con, Schemmel opened up about Goku's next big moment in Dragon Ball Super. With the 'Universe 6' saga winding down, Funimation is preparing to dub the anime's 'Future Trunks' saga which introduces the villainous Goku Black. Schemmel will be tasked with voicing the hero for an anime for the first time, but the actor did say he got a basic grasp of the character thanks to some video games.

"What people need to know about the forms is that I did Goku Black for the game with very little data. The only data I had was he's evil Goku; I got no 'there's a parallel universe' stuff. I got no 'there's a guy inside him' stuff," Schemmel admitted.

"It should be my voice box, but with his attitude," the actor continued, nodding to Goku Black's connection to both Goku and a Kai named Zamasu.

"With Goku Black, he's not written in as posh a way as it's written for Goku Black Rose. So, all I thought about for Goku Black for the game was what's the opposite of Goku. He's happy, high, and light; [Goku Black] is dark, low, and gravelly. I'm not copying Super Saiyan 4 or anything."

Looking ahead to his actual anime performance, Schemmel said fans can expect Goku Black to spin Goku's usually cheery voice into something far more sinister.

"With Chris [Sabat] and I talking about it, we'll see when I have more information. By the time we get to Goku Black in the series, I will have that information. Chris and I will sit down — It will probably be a very similar, lower [and] tough Goku voice but just with those cadences. I won't be so peak-and-valley."

The voice actor did stress his views on Goku Black may change between now and when he gets to record the villain, but fans can see where Schemmel's inspiration comes from. Over in Japan, actress Masako Nozawa did the very same for Goku when Dragon Ball Super entered in 'Future Trunks' saga, so fans are looking forward to see how Schemmel will follow up the Japanese star's work.