This 'Dragon Ball Super' Artwork Gives Ultra Instinct Goku a Dragon Fist Makeover

Dragon Ball Super's final story arc saw the epic debut of 'Ultra Instinct,' Goku's most powerful [...]

Dragon Ball Super's final story arc saw the epic debut of "Ultra Instinct," Goku's most powerful transformation yet. Now, one fan is giving us an Ultra Instinct power-up of another famous Dragon Ball fight technique: Goku's Dragon Fist attack!

Goku Ultra Instinct Dragon Fist_by_faozan92 at DeviantART
(Photo: Faozan92@DeviantART)

If you don't get the reference: Dragon Fist was a finishing attack that Goku first used in Super Saiyan 3 form during the battle against Hirudegarn in the movie Dragon Ball Z: Wrath of the Dragon. The move was later used in the Dragon Ball GT series, against opponents like Super 17 (in base form), and Omega Shenron (in SSJ4 form). The attack has Goku rush an opponent with his fist pointed at him/her; using his ki, Goku literally punches through the target, and a massive golden dragon manifests in his wake, either destroying the opponent entirely, or leaving a gaping hole behind. Since we've already seen Dragon Fist used in conjunction with SSJ3, SSJ4, and 10x Kamehaeha, it's only a natural progression for it to be used in by Goku in his Ultra Instinct form, at some point.

The divine power of Ultra Instinct gives Goku the ability to launch attacks that are faster than the speed of conscious thought, allowing the Saiyan war to battle in ways we've (literally)never seen before (seriously, the visuals have been game-changing). We only got to see the completed form of Ultra Instinct briefly in the final fight between Goku and Jiren in the Tournament of Power; Dragon Ball Super ended with Goku losing the ability as quickly as he unlocked it. However, as we recently explained in detail, Dragon Ball almost has to revisit the technique sooner before later, while finding a way to weave it deeper into the franchise mythos.

With Dragon Ball fans now eager for Ultra Instinct's return, it would be a nice surprise in the upcoming Dragon Ball Super movie if Goku delivers the sort of Ultra Instinct Dragon Punch pictured above. It wouldn't just be great fan service, it would be yet another visual feat that's helping the franchise achieve classic moments with a whole new lineup of fans.

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