Dragon Ball Super Posts Promo for Granolah the Survivor Arc

Dragon Ball Super brought the Moro Arc to a close with the end of 2020, and the new year has seen [...]

Dragon Ball Super brought the Moro Arc to a close with the end of 2020, and the new year has seen the arrival of a new storyline that focuses on an intergalactic bounty hunter whose origins are tied to the Saiyans themselves, with the franchise having recently released a promo breaking down the main players of the saga. With the first chapter of the Granolah The Survivor Arc in the can, we have gotten a breakdown for not only some of the new characters that have been brought into Akira Toriyama's universe but also where some of our favorite Z Fighters are headed!

Granolah wasn't the only new character that was introduced in the latest chapter, but also a new gang of alien pirates known as the Heeters, who are attempting to overtake the dynasty established by Freeza and his family. Though the alien despot has yet to show up in this latest arc, we definitely wouldn't be surprised to see him make an appearance as both Granolah and the Heeters are gunning for one of the biggest villains of the Dragon Ball franchise. With both Goku and Vegeta attempting to increase their powers in unique ways from one another, it definitely seems as if they have some big battles on the horizon!

Twitter User DBS Hype shared the new promo that details the old and new characters of the Granolah The Survivor Arc, giving fans a good overview of the motivations for both the Z Fighters and the intergalactic brawlers that are sure to come into contact with Goku and Vegeta in this latest arc of the manga:

Goku did the impossible during the previous arc, managing to master the transformation known as Ultra Instinct in his battle against the wizard Moro. Even with this insane transformation now at his disposal, it seems as if he still has a ways to go as Whis, the right-hand angel of Beerus, mentions that mastering this power is merely a stepping stone to new powers. Vegeta, on the other hand, seems to be walking the path of a God of Destruction, which makes their respective journeys all the more interesting!

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