Dragon Ball Super Reveals Granolah's Special Powers

Dragon Ball Super revealed Granolah's special powers in the newest chapter of the series! The [...]

Dragon Ball Super revealed Granolah's special powers in the newest chapter of the series! The previous chapter of the series brought the Galactic Patrol Prisoner arc to an end, but rather than wrap it all with a tidy bow the manga instead began to tease the next major arc of the series with a mysterious warrior powerful enough to take on a number of androids that gave the Z Fighters trouble throughout the fight with Planet Eater Moro. It's confirmed in the newest chapter that the next big arc will be focusing on this mysterious new warrior, Granolah, and his mysterious abilities.

Chapter 68 of Dragon Ball Super fully introduces this mysterious new warrior Granolah as it's revealed that he's a bounty hunter who chased after the remaining OG73-1 parts as part of his latest job. Not only did we see him in action back then, but the newest chapter begins to reveal some of the abilities he has at his disposal such as an eye that allows him to snipe targets from long distances.

Granolah is revealed to come from a race known as the Cerealians, a race once targeted by Freeza and wiped out by the Saiyans during their peak of action. He's been wanting to get revenge ever since but feels he lost his opportunity to do so when finding out Freeza and the Saiyans had been wiped out. Not only do we see some examples of his fighting skills in the chapter, the end of the chapter shows how truly dangerous he can be.

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Luring in a group of enemy bounty hunters to a trap, he ends up sniping at them from a distance. Cerealeans have right eyes that make them especial adept at sniping and it's teased that Granolah's abilities are the best of the former race. He also has a "stun gun" type ki laser at his disposal that he can turn up the intensity on. But what's most important here is that he teases that he's going to get much stronger.

Finding out Freeza is still alive, Granolah vows to get much stronger in order to avenge his former race. This isn't even factoring in how he'll feel once he finds out their are Saiyans still alive and kicking as well. It's clear he's been set on a path to encounter each of these foes, and if he's anything like the other warriors out to get Freeza we know, he's just going to get that much stronger.

But what do you think of Granolah and his abilities so far? Do you think he'll be strong enough to provide a challenge to Goku and Vegeta? What about how he compares to Freeza? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!