'Dragon Ball Super' Teases Jiren's Next Evolution

The fight between Goku, Vegeta, and Jiren in Dragon Ball Super's latest episode delivered more [...]

The fight between Goku, Vegeta, and Jiren in Dragon Ball Super's latest episode delivered more than just some great action. Thanks to the dialogue that took place during the fight, we got some significant foreshadow about the final power-ups that we might see in the Tournament of Power! The first big development was seeing Vegeta break his own limits in a possible Super Saiyan Blue 2 power-up, while we also got a significant hint about what could be next from Jiren, and what his desire for the Super Dragon Balls is all about.

Dragon Ball Super Jiren Next Power Up

Fans are combing through the translation referenced above for accuracy, but the statement from Jiren certainly has big implications. Like Goku, it's clear that Jiren hungers to break his current limits and ascend to some kind of next level - whether its a power level increase or some other kind of state or transformation like Ultra Instinct (depending on your translation). However, the question that is coming up fast is... why?

  • If Jiren is more powerful than even Gods of Destruction, why does he need more power?
  • Why is he after more power and a wish? What's his agenda?
  • Is Jiren out for selfish ends (not really in his character) or is he desperate to stop the next big threat coming to the show?

Beyond the awesome final matches of the tournament, the reveals regarding Jiren are probably the thing we're most excited to see. How about you?

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Image Credit: rmehedi @ DeviantART