Dragon Ball Super Lets Vegeta Loose For the First Time Since Buu

Dragon Ball Super has finally let Vegeta loose - arguably for the first time since he was 'Majin [...]

Dragon Ball Super has finally let Vegeta loose - arguably for the first time since he was "Majin Vegeta" in Dragon Ball Z's Buu Arc. Vegeta's latest battle is going down in Dragon Ball Super's manga, and its current story arc, Granolah The Survivor, in which both Goku and Vegeta have had to battle the strongest warrior in the universe, a warrior named Granolah from the planet Cereal. Goku's increased Ultra Instinct powers were barely enough to beat a copy of Granolah, before the Cerealian took him down. In Dragon Ball Super's latest chapter, Vegeta has to go all-out against Granolah in a way we haven't seen since Dragon Ball Z!

Warning: Dragon Ball Super Chapter 74 SPOILERS Follow!

The fight between Vegeta and Granolah is a pretty epic one, in the scope of Dragon Ball battles. The level of power that both fighters hold is second to none in the series - but more than that, Vegeta vs. Granolah proves to be a much more intricate tactical battle, with both fighters showing real cunning and strategy on the battlefield.

Vegeta employs the Destroyer God power of Hakai in strategic attacks against Granolah, but the Cerealian literally sees right through it, noting that Vegeta hasn't truly mastered the Destroyer power Granolah comes at Vegeta hard with a barrage of both physical and energy attacks, including a long-range sniper ki blast, that nearly takes Vegeta out.

Dragon Ball Super Lets Vegeta Loose First Time Since Buu 74 Spoilers

However, Vegeta makes up for a lack of power by using the Super Saiyan and Destroyer powers at his disposal in smarter tactical ways. Vegeta ends up besting Granolah in several rounds of battle, but it only drives the vengeful Cerealian to attack even harder, and eventually he nails Vegeta with one of his deadly vital point strikes. But instead of going down like Goku did, Vegeta only laughs at the fact that he's up against the ropes and on death's door:

"[Laughing] What fun... This feeling... It's been ages. There's no planet to protect. No people to save. Just me immersed in battle," Vegeta tells Granolah. "My happy place. Just the thing to get a battle-crazed Saiyan's blood pumping."

The last time we saw Vegeta get to this kind of place was when he fought Goku as Majin Vegeta, during Dragon Ball Z's Buu Saga. When Vegeta was possessed by the evil Wizard Babidi. Babidi only got to Vegeta through the remnant evil still in the Saiyan Prince's heart - plus Vegeta's own willingness to let himself be taken.

Vegeta's famous monologue stated that he wanted to get back to this true self, in order to unlock his power and finally best Goku. Well, Granolah experiences something similar, when Vegeta's near-death allows him to finally transform in to a true Destroyer God!

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