Dragon Ball Super Has Gohan Take a Stand Against Moro

Dragon Ball Super is now moving to the climatic act of its new manga storyline, 'Galactic Patrol [...]

Dragon Ball Super is now moving to the climatic act of its new manga storyline, "Galactic Patrol Prisoner", with a final showdown between the Z-Fighters of Earth, and evil galactic sorcerer Moro, and his gang of escaped convicts from across the galaxy. The Dragon Ball Z squad found themselves defending Earth until Goku and Vegeta can return (and provided the best reason yet for a full Z-Fighters spinoff). The battles between the heroes and Moro's Galactic Bandit Brigade raged across Earth, but there was one moment in the various fight scenes that definitely stood out: Gohan stepping up to face Moro himself!

Warning! Dragon Ball Super Chapter 57 SPOILERS Follow

The latest chapter of Dragon Ball Super picks up with Androids 17 and 18 battling Moro's evil android henchman, Seventhree. Between the two of them, No. 17 and 18 manage to kick the snot out of Seventhree, who is saved at the last minute by Moro's arrival.

When Moro steps onto the battlefield the Z-Fighters are definitely intimidated; after all, the villain's chi is even more horrifying than expected, made up of thousands of souls across the universe that he's extinguished. However, the heroic Dragon Ball Z crew still has a job to do: Gohan steps up and informs Moro that while Goku and Vegeta still need time to arrive back on Earth, he and the other team members will be holding the line. Gohan steps up for a battle with Moro - but unfortunately for fans (and probably very fortunate for Gohan), Moro isn't interested.

Dragon Ball Super Manga 57 Gohan vs Moro Fight
(Photo: Shonen Jump Magazine)

Throughout the "Galactic Patrol Prisoner" arc, Moro has shown himself to be exceedingly arrogant. He's repeatedly dismissed Goku and Vegeta as threats, and even allowed them a month's time to power up and battle him again, after nearly killing them both the first time. With that kind of attitude, it's not surprising that Moro dismisses Gohan and the Z-Fighters entirely, stating to a fired-up Gohan that, "You don't lack for boldness. But calm yourself. I'm in high spirits... What a waste it would be to consume you all at once. How should I go about preparing this dish?"

If you can't tell from the dialogue, Moro is truly one of the more sadistic and brutal Dragon Ball villains to come along. Instead of using his life force-draining powers to finish off his foes, he instead uses his power to enhance his right-hand man, Saganbo, to beat the Z-Fighters down. The powered-up Saganbo is more than a match for the combination of Android 17, 18, Tien, Piccolo and Gohan - which is why it's lucky that Goku (once again) arrives just in the nick of time!

Dragon Ball Super chapter 57 is now available to read online for free.