Dragon Ball Super Reveals How Goku Made His Way Back to Earth

Dragon Ball Super's latest manga arc 'Galactic Patrol Prisoner' is nearing its long-awaiting [...]

Dragon Ball Super's latest manga arc "Galactic Patrol Prisoner" is nearing its long-awaiting climax. While Goku and Vegeta have both been off-world training to unlock new powers to defeat Evil Sorcerer Moro, the rest of the Dragon Ball Z-Fighters have been trying to hold the line protecting Earth from invasion by Moro's forces. Like so many storylines from Dragon Ball Z, the Z-Fighter battles turn out to be a race against the clock to simply survive until Goku can arrive to save the day. Dragon Ball Super spoilers already revealed that Goku would make it back to earth in this latest chapter - but the certainly didn't reveal the unique and epic way the Saiyan hero would make it home!

Warning! Dragon Ball Super Chapter 57 SPOILERS Follow!

The battles between the Z-Fighters and Moro's Galactic Bandit Brigade of elite warriors spreads all across the globe, and for a moment, it looks like Goku and Vegeta's allies will be able to hold the line. However, while Androids 17 and 18 manage to hold their own, and Tien gets a saving hand from Chiaotzu, Yamcha's brief moment of shine fades as he takes a serious beatdown - while Krillin and Master Roshi have to battle against Dragon Ball's first Triple-Fusion warrior!

Knowing just how horribly out-gunned they really are, Krillin stakes his last few moments before an epic beatdown by the Triple-Fusion of female convicts Iwaza, Kikaza and Miza on a desperate gamble: contacting Goku. Krillin spikes his chi as hard as he can, hoping Goku will be able to register it.

Dragon Ball Super Manga 57 Goku Returns Earth Fight Moro Krillin Chi Flare
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Luckily for Krillin (and all of Earth), Goku is still trying to pilot a spaceship back to Earth, after being stranded in space by angels Whis and Merus. Goku can tell his friends and family on Earth are in serious peril, but can't locate how to get back - until Krillin's 'chi flare' comes through.

In the end, Goku returns just in time to KO the Tripe-Fused warrior, and face Moro in the final showdown, with whatever new power he's unlocked.

Dragon Ball Super chapter 57 is now available to read online for free.