Dragon Ball Super Thwarts Piccolo's Suicide Mission with a Deadly Counterattack

Moro has reached a new power level in the latest chapters of Dragon Ball Super's manga, being able [...]

Moro has reached a new power level in the latest chapters of Dragon Ball Super's manga, being able to bypass the new techniques of Vegeta learned on the planet Yardrat, and it seems as if the ace in the hole that Piccolo kept up his sleeve was stopped before it could even be implemented! The Namekian warrior might not be on the same power level at this point as Goku with Ultra Instinct, Vegeta with Forced Spirit Fission, and Gohan with his Ultimate form, but he definitely remains one of the most tactical warriors in the Z Fighters' roster!

Warning! If you haven't caught up with Dragon Ball Super's manga, you might want to steer clear of the rest of this article as we'll be diving into some serious spoiler territory for this article!

Piccolo has the ability to disperse some seriously powerful attacks if given enough time to harness his energy, having demonstrated that in the past with his Special Beam Cannon and Hellzone Grenade, and should he feel there's no other option, he can unleash a suicide attack that can threaten even the strongest of villains. Much like Vegeta's attack against Majin Buu in the final saga of Dragon Ball Z, Piccolo was hoping to give his life to swallow Moro whole in an energy onslaught, but unfortunately, his best laid plans were extinguished thanks to an ironic twist.

Dragon Ball Super Manga Piccolo Suicide
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With Moro having ripped through Vegeta's new techniques, literally punched a hole through Goku's chest, and brought low Gohan with a single punch, Piccolo decides that the time has come to sacrifice himself in order to eradicate the energy absorbing wizard once and for all. Gathering his energy for a final blow, the Namekian is interrupted in a devilishly cruel way as Moro uses the Special Beam Cannon to blow a hole through Piccolo's chest, bringing him down in a single strike.

The Z Fighters haven't been in such a pickle for quite some time, with each fighter in the roster now on the ground and unable to fight Moro, but luckily it seems help has arrived in the form of Merus, the renegade angel, with the final panels of the latest manga chapter. Needless to say, it will be interesting to see if all the heroes make it out of this one alive!

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