Dragon Ball Super Shows Just How Frustrated Piccolo is by Goku's Power

Dragon Ball Super's Galactic Patrol Prisoner arc has been one of the best received in the manga so [...]

Dragon Ball Super's Galactic Patrol Prisoner arc has been one of the best received in the manga so far because its newest villain, Planet Eater Moro, has forced Goku and Vegeta to go back to the drawing board and fight smarter rather than harder. This meant that Goku went into training in order to better master the Ultra Instinct state, and now he's leagues above the Z Fighters still on Earth. After characters like Gohan and Piccolo joined the fight against Moro, they still needed to be saved by Goku's new level of power. This has unfortunately had a negative impact on Piccolo.

Piccolo is one of the many characters who have been pushed farther into the background as the fights against godly new enemies became more focused on those who could keep up with these new challenges like Goku and Vegeta. But Piccolo thought he could keep up with them too, which made him frustrated to see how big the gap had become in the latest chapter of the series.

Chapter 58 of the series sees Goku save Gohan and Piccolo and defeat Saganbo after Piccolo and Gohan struggled to fight against him. Piccolo was happy to see Goku save him, but in the back of his mind there's a lingering bit of anger that he needed to be save. This came through especially when Goku compliments the two of them on how much stronger they have gotten through training, and Piccolo responds with "Not much point in training when we still can't defend the Earth."

This moment might have been a great father and son moment for Goku and Gohan, but it sounds kind of patronizing through Piccolo's perspective. In fact, shortly after Piccolo begins to wonder to himself when the gap between his and Goku's strength became so wide. Piccolo's always managed to keep up with Goku to some extent and is still one of the necessary fighters Goku always relies on, but it's a much different case here in the battle against Moro's army.

Now that Piccolo's openly frustrated, it will be interesting to see what choices he makes next. Will he try to strengthen himself in his own way to catch back up to Goku's godly prowess? Or could he even be potentially moving on from the fights overall? What if he decides to go back to his old and evil ways instead? What do you think? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or talk to me directly about all things anime and other cool things @Valdezology on Twitter!