Dragon Ball Super: How Vegeta Can Save Goku From His Latest Mess

Dragon Ball fans are not strangers to the idea of Goku doing stupid things in battle, but the latest Dragon Ball Super may have pushed the trope too far. We've reached the climactic battle between Goku and new villain Moro, with Goku having finally mastered Ultra Instinct - the seemingly ultimate power that Dragon Ball Super has been building up to. However, instead of taking the advice of Vegeta, Lord Beerus, and the Galactic Patrol to finish Moro off immediately, Goku tries to offer the villain a chance at redemption. Not surprisingly, that mercy ends up getting Goku (and all of Earth) screwed-over by Moro, and now it may be up to Vegeta to save everyone from Goku's latest screw-up!

Warning - Dragon Ball Super Chapter 65 SPOILERS Follow!

The latest Dragon Ball Super chapter sees Goku having thrashed Planet-Eater Moro, using his new Perfected Ultra Instinct powers. Instead of finishing Moro off as instructed, Goku instead tries to offer the villain mercy and redemption. Of course, an evil sorcerer who is millions of years old has no desire to reform himself; Moro double-crosses Goku no less than three times, with the third time resulting in the villain pulling off Dragon Ball's most insane fusion ever, as Moro fuses with Planet Earth itself! The villain backs Goku into a major Sophie's Choice: either destroy Earth to stop him, or the unstable Ultra Instinct Moro unlocked will explode and possibly destroy the entire galaxy!

This may be Goku's biggest blunder yet - and given the history of Dragon Ball, that's really saying something. The question now is: what to do about it?

Dragon Ball Super Vegeta Goku Force Spirit Fission Moro Manga 65 Spoilers

Given all the threads of the "Galactic Patrol Prisoner" arc, it seems only thematically right that several things happen:

  1. Goku and Vegeta truly reuniting, after their breakup earlier in the story.
  2. Vegeta getting a true moment to shine during Moro's defeat after fans got trolled on that front.
  3. Vegeta's game-changing new Forced Spirit Fission power getting put to proper use.

All of those ideas would converge if Vegeta were to use Forced Spirit Fission to separate Moro from Earth - or better yet, if Vegeta were team with Goku for a dual Forced Spirit Fission attack.

The groundwork is already there for Goku to be able to rapidly learn Forced Spirit Fission. The technique is just an offshoot of Planet Yardrat's signature ability, Spirit Control. In Dragon Ball Z Goku learned Spirit Control enough to master its Instant Transmission function; Vegeta simply took that training further (as he is wont to do), to learn Forced Spirit Fission. So, Vegeta could conveivably guide Goku toward learning the technique, in rapid time.

...Of course, if Goku does end up learning Forced Spirit Fission too, it would once again put Vegeta in his shadow in terms of power, and Dragon Ball fans may have just as much of a problem with that.