Dragon Ball Super: It's Vegeta's Time to Be The Hero Instead of Goku

Dragon Ball Super's latest story arc has seen one of the most fearsome villains in the history of the universe, Moro, come to earth looking to consume the energies of its powerful lineup of fighters - as well as the rest of the planet. Like a true Dragon Ball Z throwback, Goku and Vegeta have been racing through their own respective forms of training, trying to power-up in time to stop Moro from sucking Earth dry. Traditional Dragon Ball storytelling dictates that Goku will defeat Moro with his new mastered form of Ultra Instinct; however, it's time for a change. This time, it's Vegeta who should be the victorious hero.

Warning Dragon Ball Super Manga SPOILERS Follow!

In Dragon Ball Super chapter 58, Goku arrives first on Earth, and gets ready for the final battle with Moro, as the villain is eager to see Goku's Ultra Instinct technique. This seems like classic Dragon Ball Z stage setting for an epic final Goku vs. Villain fight - but this time, there are some clear caveats that fans have noticed.

First of all, there's hint in the dialogue (give or take translation) that Moro may have already encountered Ultra Instinct before, millions of years ago when he was at war with the Supreme Kais of the universe. That could mean that while Goku is as confident as he always is about his new powers, it could be a trap the villain is setting, before he turns the tables and possibly makes Goku's new power his own.

The other big thing that Dragon Ball Super fans have noticed about chapter 58 is that Vegeta has been left conveniently lagging behind Goku on the race back to Earth. Vegeta was coming from Planet Yardrat, where he's been training to master the Spirit Control technique behind techniques like Instant Transmission. The fact that he's not yet back to Earth means that Even if (when?) Goku loses to Moro, Vegeta is the last-minute cavalry that can come riding in for the save.

...And it's time Vegeta to get to be the hero over Goku. One of the biggest developments of the current "Galactic Patrol Prisoner" arc has been that Goku and Vegeta had a falling out after Moro destroyed New Namek. When Goku used Instant Transmission to retreat, Vegeta broke away from him, vowing to never again have to rely on Goku to be his savior. That's why Vegeta went to Yardrat to learn even more of the Spirit Control techniques than Goku did.

Moro's big power is that he can consume energy that includes the Super Saiyan energies Goku and Vegeta rely on for transformation - and maybe the energies of Ultra Instinct. Based on what Akria Toriyama and Toyotaro set up in the story, it almost has to be Vegeta who discovers a new way for Saiyan's to use their power in order to beat Moro. Morever, based on Vegeta's vow, it can't be Goku that ends up saving him from the big bad yet again. This is Vegeta's moment!


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