Dragon Ball Super Shares First-Look at Chapter 80 With New Promo

Dragon Ball Super is staying busy this year, and the anime isn't the only thing to blame for it. While the series plans to return this spring with an epic movie, Akira Toriyama is keeping up work on the manga with Toyotaro. This month will welcome the manga's 80th chapter, and fans have just gotten their first look at the release along with its big fight.

The update went live today in Japan as the official Dragon Ball website posted the promo. As you can see below, a single sketch from chapter 80 is shown, and it features two familiar fighters locking legs in a standoff.

To the left, you can find Granolah arched back with a leg reached out to kick. The sniper is finally equipped with his headgear after tossing it a while back. And of course, Granolah is powered by nothing but rage these days after learning how Gas helped lead his people to their demise.

The other fighter found here is Gas as you'd expect. The buff villain is shown with long hair, and Gas is rocking his sleek new costume now that his gang's leader wished for him to become even stronger than before. Gas is locking legs with Granolah here as they're both trying to land a kick on the other. So as you can see, the pair have hit a stalemate.

Readers expected the pair to continue their battle in chapter 80, so this preview is hardly a surprise. Dragon Ball Super set up this feud months ago, and it feels good to see Granolah push himself. So far, this battle has been one of the best in Dragon Ball Super even without Goku's participation, so Toriyama is thinking outside the box these days. And if we know this series, well – the duo could be fighting for another chapter or two before settling things.

What do you think about this first-look at chapter 80? How do you want Dragon Ball Super to handle this fight? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.