Dragon Ball Super: Could Namek Save Earth from Goku's Big Mistake?

Dragon Ball Super has been busy with Moro as of late, and the villain has proved himself to be a worthy adversary for Goku. Most recently, fans watched in shock as their hero flubbed their takedown of Moro as Goku underestimated the baddie big time. And with the fate of Earth on the line, fans are wondering if Namek is about to be revisited.

After all, Moro has Goku and his friends in a tight corner. When the Saiyan failed to take out Moro, the villain used the opening to absorb the power of an angel. He has since fused with the planet Earth which Whis says is a worst-case scenario. Moro has become a massive bomb because of his newly absorbed powers, and he will detonate all of Earth shortly. There is a chance all of Universe 7 could blow too, so fans are wondering if New Namek may have to help Earth out.

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After all, the planet still has its dragon balls, and they are all free now. A wish could be used on those balls to save Earth or diffuse Moro from the planet. Fans began speculating about the possibility after chapter 65 went live, but there is a major reason why such a theory doesn't work. Sure, the dragon balls are free, but not enough time has passed for the balls to be restored. It traditionally take 130 days for the balls to restore themselves, so they are still on the clock.

This means Goku will have to find other means of defeating Moro, but he has options. The most promising strategy open to Goku involves Vegeta and his new power. If the hero can find some way to use spirit fisson on Moro, he could remove the villain from the planet Earth. That would make him far easier to kill, but Vegeta will need to major comeback for this plan to pan out.

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