Dragon Ball Super is Forcing Goku to Make an Impossible Choice

Dragon Ball Super has reached the climax of the fight between Ultra Instinct Goku and Planet Eater Moro, and the newest chapter's cliffhanger is now forcing Goku to make an impossible choice. When we had last seen Goku, he had the upper hand as his now perfected Ultra Instinct abilities made him far stronger than Moro. There was a short hesitation before Goku decided to deliver the final blow, however, and the newest chapter of the series takes this to the full extent as Goku outright tries to spare Moro, and in doing so, potentially has doomed the Earth and galaxy as a whole.

Chapter 65 of the series sees Goku make a terrible choice to spare Moro and even give him a Senzu Bean to heal him completely. But as it turns out, by the end of the chapter Goku is forced to make an even more terrible decision as now he has to choose between destroying Moro and the Earth along with him, or letting Moro continue to grow in power and destroy the galaxy.

Chapter 65 of the series takes Goku's battle with Moro in an unexpected direction as the now fully healed Moro begins to quickly rise in power. Tapping into the Ultra Instinct abilities he gained from a leftover copy of Merus, Moro's body eventually gets him to the point where he can fuse with the entire Earth as a whole.

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(Photo: Shueisha)

Now a part of the planet, Whis explained that Moro made the Earth one with his body to handle that Ultra Instinct energy. But because of this final gambit, Moro now is one with the Earth and Goku must destroy the Earth to defeat him. He does not have long to choose another route, however, as Whis explains that Moro's body will continue to swell until the point where he will explode and destroy the entire galaxy.

Now Goku faces the impossible choice of whether to destroy the Earth and kill everyone he loves, or let the planet die anyway and take the rest of the galaxy along with it. Both potential futures are terrible, but one is clearly more damaging than the other. So what will Goku do?


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