Dragon Ball Super Debuts Moro's Biggest Power Boost Yet

Planet Eater Moro has been getting stronger with each new chapter, but the newest Dragon Ball Super chapter debuted his biggest power boost yet. The fight between Goku and Moro seemed like it reached its end with the previous chapter having Goku using his perfected Ultra Instinct powers to completely decimate Moro. But the newest chapter of the series had Goku throw a wrench into things and made it much harder for himself when he gave Moro an opportunity to fight back. But rather than Moro somehow getting back to his original power, he got even stronger than he was before.

Chapter 65 of the series sees Goku offer Moro a reprieve rather that deal the final blow. By giving Moro a chance to recover (in the hopes that he would repent and train himself to become one of Goku's allies someday), Moro ends up using this opportunity to nab a remnant of Merus' angelic power that he had copied during his brief fight with the former angel. Which means that Moro gets an angelic power boost.

Spotting the leftover copy of Merus' angelic powers, Moro quickly acts to bring the power into his own body. Not only does Moro's body change to reflect this new power, but this angelic power flowing through his body essentially gives Moro his own version of Ultra Instinct. This was something fans had wondered whether or not Moro was capable of, and it's now clear that Ultra Instinct's techniques could be copied.

Dragon Ball Super Moro Power Boost Ultra Instinct Merus Angel Absorbtion Spoilers Manga
(Photo: Shueisha)

But there is a catch to his massive boost in power as he is not used to having this power flow within him. Unlike Goku, who has trained his body to adjust to the Ultra Instinct power to the point where he can keep it active, Moro's body begins to shift and morph from the pressure of this angelic ki.


As a last ditch effort to keep himself from exploding, Moro instead fuses with the Earth itself and now the entire planet (and galaxy, funny enough) is in jeopardy as Moro continues to swell with power and energy to the point where he'll most likely explode and take everyone with him. But what do you think of Moro's newest power boost?

How does it compare to all of the powers and tricks Moro has shown through the Galactic Patrol Prisoner arc so far? How do you think this fight can even end? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!