Dragon Ball Crosses a New Sales Milestone

When it comes to manga, no amount of popularity can compare to the kind of cash sales bring in. [...]

When it comes to manga, no amount of popularity can compare to the kind of cash sales bring in. Even the hottest title with netizens can be canceled if enough money isn't made, so fans are pushing officially licensed manga now more than ever before. And thanks to that little boost, it seems Dragon Ball has closed in on a major sales record.

The update comes straight from Saikyo Manga Jutsu, a little blurb contained in Saikyo Jump. It was there fans learned about the state of Dragon Ball, and it turns out the franchise has sold at least 300 million copies globally.

This number has taken some time to turnover, but Dragon Ball has a lot of help getting to this point. From sequels to spin-offs and rereleases, all of these sales count towards the goal. That is why creator Akira Toriyama can celebrate these days, and Dragon Ball has claimed a major ranking with this update.

If you look at the list of highest-selling manga globally, the series in first place is One Piece. The series, which debuted back in 1997, has more than 490 million copies in circulation. Up until now, Golgo 13 was in second place with 300 million copies while Dragon Ball took third place with 260 million. However, this new update confirms things are different now. Dragon Ball has moved to second place or tied itself with Golgo 13, so Toriyama can be proud of that status.

With this update in mind, it seems like things are moving ahead for Dragon Ball. The franchise is continuing its manga with Dragon Ball Super as the villain Granolah is living up his own arc. As for the anime, Goku is planning to return to theaters before long. The Saiyan is set to star in a new movie next year, and it will mark Dragon Ball Super's return to screen following its 2018 feature film.

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