Dragon Ball Super Manga Teases Major Character Shift for Vegeta

The latest Dragon Ball Super chapter dropped on Friday, revealing a major turning point in the [...]

The latest Dragon Ball Super chapter dropped on Friday, revealing a major turning point in the Galactic Patrol Prisoner Arc for the prince of all Saiyans himself, Vegeta.

Early in the issue it's revealed that Moro's third wish on the Namekian Dragon Balls was to free all of the prisoners from the Galactic Prison. The convicts quickly made their way to New Namek, and thanks to Moro's magic he was able to increase the power of ever prisoner to give himself a super-powered army to attack Goku, Vegeta and Majin Buu. The trio manage to hold off the prisoners, only for Moro to start up his energy absorbing technique again that caused the two Saiyans to gradually power down to lower and lower forms.

"The moment we drop out guard, our transformations fail us!" Vegeta says after dropping out of Super Saiyan God form and getting punched in the face.

Eventually Goku and Merus decide the best course of action is to retreat back to the Galactic Patrol HQ via Instant Transmission. Goku manages to get a hold of everyone, but when he reaches his hand out to Vegeta he declines.

"Stupid magic spells... stupid god power...," Vegeta says, once again letting his Saiyan pride shine through. "Forget Instant Teleportation!! We Saiyans pride ourselves on physical might, and nothing more. A warrior race has no need for fancy parlor tricks!! And yet, I've been reduced to this!!"

He then spots Merus' ship, piloted by Irico.

"Go ahead, Kakarot. This is where I part ways with you," Vegeta says before taking off towards the ship. With no time left, the rest of the group teleports off of the planet.

Irico manages to get off of New Namek without being hit by Moro's men. But when he attempts to set a course back to HQ, Vegeta threatens him to take the ship elsewhere. He orders Irico to head for Planet Yardrat as the issue ends.

This issue could prove to be a massive shift in Vegeta's character arc going forward. Not only does he seem fed up with all of the transformations that have popped up since the start of Dragon Ball Super, but now he's heading towards the planet where Goku first learned the Instant Transmission technique. And given that Moro now has his full power back and a small army at his disposal, whatever Vegeta has planned could be pivotal in bringing the evil wizard down.

The next chapter of the Dragon Ball Super manga drops on Aug. 20.