Dragon Ball Super Art Gives Moro's Arc a Throwback Makeover

Dragon Ball Super is back in the headlines these days, and it is all thanks to a special movie on [...]

Dragon Ball Super is back in the headlines these days, and it is all thanks to a special movie on the horizon. The team behind the franchise has confirmed a new film is joining the anime, and Dragon Ball Super: Superhero promises to be an adventure like none other. Of course, this anime comeback has fans eyeing the manga's own arcs in hopes of the TV show making a return. And to hype up Moro, well - one fan decided it was time they honored his arc with a throwback piece.

The artwork comes from DeviantArt thanks to the user salvamakoto. It was there the artist, who often does pieces related to Dragon Ball, gave the Galactic Patrol Prisoner arc a throwback poster.

You can see the poster above in all of its muted glory. The artwork shows Vegeta in the front as he rocks a new outfit. The entire suit is new from neck to waist, but Goku looks much the same with his bright Gi. As for Moro, the baddie is seen looming in the background with his red eyes pinned on the horizon. And while it may be hard to make out here, the baddie's body is looking ripped as you might expect.

Clearly, salvamakoto is a master when it comes to inking Dragon Ball, and this classic style is eerily good. Like, this piece could easily be mistaken for something official that Akira Toriyama penned. If you want to check out more of their art, you can find salvamakoto on DeviantArt and Instagram, so take a peek at their other pieces.

As for whether Moro joins the anime, well - it is tough to say. Dragon Ball Super has not said a word about its TV anime making a comeback. The upcoming movie will be an original story, so there is a chance Moro might be reference. But for now, fans will need to cross their fingers when it comes to the Galactic Patrol Prisoner arc hitting the small screen.

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