Dragon Ball Super Tries to Teach Goku Naruto's Talk-no-Jutsu

Son Goku is stupidly strong, but there is one power he has yet to manage. Sure, Dragon Ball Super has loaded him up with different forms and attacks, but Naruto has something the Saiyan doesn't. The ninja has shown time and again that he's capable of talking the gnarliest of villains out of their devilish plans. And in the most recent chapter of Dragon Ball Super, it was Goku who decided to give the infamous Talk-no-Jutsu a shot.

But did it work? Well, we cannot say it did. Goku had little success in turning Moro away from his misdeeds, but we are giving the Saiyan props for trying.

naruto dragon ball

The whole thing went down at the beginning of chapter 65. Dragon Ball Super watched as Goku offered a senzu bean to Moro on the condition the villain turns himself back into the Galactic Patrol. The villain agrees but double-crosses him as we all expected. Goku has no choice but to make Moro submit once more, and he takes a chance afterward to try and reform Moro.

"You might've wound up even stronger if you'd just trained instead of eating planets and stealing lives. That a real shame because I never came across anyone as tough as you. If you were a decent guy, I'd love to fight again after you'd gone through some training," Goku admits.


Moro is none too happy about the lecture, and Jaco is the one to knock sense into Goku. Naruto used his Talk-no-Jutsu to turn baddies who had more motivations than their evil deeds. When it was used on guys like Madara and Kaguya, Naruto knew there was no chance of success. In this case, Moro is Madara, and Goku's olive branch was never going to entice the villain. The only way to nullify the threat is to exterminate Moro, but the villain is more hellhound than ever after being given a few openings from his foe.

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