Dragon Ball Super Highlights the Heeters in New Cover Art

The Heeters are the current main antagonists of Dragon Ball Super's manga, acting as behind the scenes players when it came to the unexpected confrontation between the Z Fighters and the bounty hunter known as Granolah. With the latest chapter of the manga giving the Heeters a major power boost, a new cover for the printed story has given us a better look at the criminal organization that is attempting to take over Frieza's operation and become the biggest force in the underworld within Universe Seven. 

As those readers that have been following Dragon Ball Super's manga know, the Heeters have recently received an amazing ace up their sleeve as they were able to utilize the Planet Cereal's Dragon Balls in order to make one of their own the new strongest being in the universe. Using the same approach that Granolah had undertaken in order to become stronger than Goku and Vegeta, the Heeters' smallest member, Gas, has now taken the title of the strongest and has begun instrumentally dismantling the Saiyans and the last remaining member of the Cerealian race.

Viz Media revealed the cover for the new cover of Volume Seventeen of Dragon Ball Super, not only giving us a better look at the Heeters, but the battle that took place between the Z Fighters and Granolah, who share a backstory in some unexpected ways as the bounty hunter had a serious ax to grind:

(Photo: Shueisha)

This month will see the arrival of Jump Festa, the annual event that focuses on series currently running in Weekly Shonen Jump, with Dragon Ball Super set to have a panel of its own. While it has already been confirmed that the panel will make mention of the upcoming film of the franchise, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, many are left wondering if the Akira Toriyama franchise will also take the opportunity to reveal new secrets about the manga and potentially the return of the television series. 

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