Dragon Ball Super Reveals the Fate of New Namek

Dragon Ball Super's Galactic Patrol Prisoner arc has reached a surprising impasse as the fight [...]

Dragon Ball Super's Galactic Patrol Prisoner arc has reached a surprising impasse as the fight between Goku, Vegeta and newest villain Planet Eater Moro has reached a point of no return. Goku and Vegeta have challenged him twice and lost pretty decisively both times, and this means that the planet they were fighting for has been doomed without any hope of saving it. This unfortunately comes to pass in the latest chapter of the series.

Chapter 51 capitalizes on a previous tease which saw Beerus leaving the doomed New Planet Namek to fall, and sees it completely bled dry after Moro and his cronies killed every Namekian left alive and have drained it of every drop of ki.

Chapter 51 opens with a cracking Namek, littered with dead bodies and deserts. Moro continues to drain its energy as his newest henchman, Sanganbo, is surprised to see the planet die so quickly. Moro delights in the energy he's taken from the planet as its uniqueness helped him bring him back to his physical prime, and now he's far more dangerous considering how his wish on the Namekian Dragon Balls brought him to his magical prime.

With this complete and utter success, Moro moves on to the next phase of his grand plan. Going on a Galactus style tear across the universe, Moro instead has turned his attention away from the Galactic Patrol and Goku and Vegeta (thinking he can kill them at any time), and now is on the hunt for more planets to devour in much the same way.

Wanting to build up his reserves of energy, Saganbo takes Moro on a tour of various planets teeming with life. With the Galactic Patrol ex-cons looting each planet of their valuables before Moro comes to drain it of its energy, now Moro is leaving an assortment of husks across the universe. With New Namek now fallen, both Goku and Vegeta are going to have to come up with new techniques or strategies in order to actually make a difference. Planets are already dying.

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