Dragon Ball Super Promo Sets Up Granolah's Next Big Match

A new promo for Dragon Ball Super's upcoming action-packed manga chapter has dropped – and while it's focused on Goku's ongoing battle with Gas, the evil warrior of the Heeters clan, fans are also getting hyped for the other fight this next battle clearly sets the stage for Granolah finally getting true vengeance against the Heeters' leader, Elec! 

The storyboards for Dragon Ball Super Chapter 82 have hit Reddit and they show the furious battle between Goku and Gas continuing across the universe, as Goku tries to ward off the villain's unequaled power by teleporting him across the universe at a rapid pace, using Instant Transmission. But it's what's going to be happening back on Planet Cereal, that has a lot of fans excited. 

After Granolah was brutally beaten in his second-round bout with Gas, the last Cerealian was ambushed by Elec, who literally shot Granolah in the back and let him fall out of the sky into the sea. However, Granolah's Namkeian buddy Monaito pulled the Cerealian warrior from the sea and was in the process of healing him: that's exactly what made Gas try to go in for the kill, only for his attack to be thwarted by Goku, who teleported Gas away to another planet. 

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In Dragon Ball Super's upcoming manga chapters Granolah will be back on his feet, and Elec will be alone without his little brother Gas to protect him. It was revealed that Elec was indeed the true mastermind behind the Freeza Force wiping out Planet Cereal and killing Granolah's mother – and was nearly responsible for killing Granolah as a young boy. Needless to say, there's a grudge that Graonlah has been trying to repay since this epic-length story arc began, and now he has the guy truly responsible in his sights! 

However, the more we learn about the mysterious Heeters the more it's clear that they are a threat unlike most others Dragon Ball has seen. Not only are the Heeters being retroactively revealed to have been middlemen in Freeza's takeover of the universe – they've also been revealed to have formidable battle powers of their own – including a Saiyan-style transformation that provides power at the cost of conscious control (described as "losing yourself). Granolah may get healed back to full power as the second strongest warrior in the universe, but taking down Elec will definitely be harder than it initially looks. 

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 82 will be posted free online