Dragon Ball Super Sets Up Goku's New Plan Against Gas

Son Goku has some serious attacks at his disposal, not even taking into account the handful of transformations that he can employ during fights, and it seems that the technique he learned on the Planet Yardrat, Instant Transmission, is set to play a major role during the Granolah Arc. Dragon Ball Super is only a few days away from releasing the next chaper of its manga, and a new preview has hit the internet that gives readers an idea of the next phase of the battle between Goku and Gas.  

Son Goku first learned the technique of Instant Transmission following the Frieza Saga, wherein he had just learned how to transform into a Super Saiyan and trained on the alien world known as Yardrat to learn how to teleport by sensing the energies of nearby combatants. In the previous chapter of Dragon Ball Super's manga, we witnessed Goku transporting Gas to a populated alien world by honing in on the energy of Jaco, a member of the Galactic Patrol who has been a player within the sequel series even though he wouldn't stand a chance battling against any of the Z-Fighters one on one.

Twitter Outlet DBS Hype shared a number of preview pages from Chapter 82 of Dragon Ball Super, hinting at the idea that not only is Goku going to continue using Instant Transmission to keep Gas off-kilter, but that we might see some very familiar faces return to the manga as a result of this strategy:

One of the biggest surprises in Dragon Ball Super's manga that has yet to be adapted to the anime was the decision by Vegeta to train on the Planet Yardrat as well during the Moro Arc, with the prince of the Saiyans learning to use Instant Transmission himself. While he only used it the one time to rejoin the battle against the energy-absorbing sorcerer, he has added the move to his ever-expanding attack list though he has yet to employ it against the likes of Granolah or the Heeters during this recent storyline. 

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