Dragon Ball Super Is Ready to Reveal Goku's Craziest Strategy Yet

Dragon Ball Super is readying for one of Goku's most hilarious fighting strategies yet with an early look at the manga's next chapter! The series is making its way through the climax of the Granolah the Survivor arc and now Goku is left as the only one who can stand up to Gas' newfound power. But as he was scrambling in their fight with the previous chapter of the series, it was teased that he was starting to come up with some kind of new strategy against the Heeter by fully utilizing his Instant Transmission to teleport them to random planets.

The final moments of Chapter 81 saw Goku using his Instant Transmission to dart around various planets by locking on energy signals he recognized like Jaco's, and he began goading the Heeter into following him. He mentioned how his years of practice with the Instant Transmission technique was something Gas would not be able to match with just his wish on the Dragon Balls alone. With an early look at the rough drafts for Chapter 82 of the series, it seems like Goku's plan for the Instant Transmission to keep darting around as much as possible and wrapping Gas up in some hilarious circumstances. 

The first pages of Chapter 82 of Dragon Ball Super series reveal that Goku's Instant Transmission hopping takes him to a bunch of different planets. It seems that after locking onto Jaco with the previous chapter, he's locked onto Monoka next and even gets Gas covered in wet cement. Following this, it seems like next he ends up locking onto the Galactic King's energy signature and ends up interrupting his bath. So with these kinds of shenanigans, it seems like Goku's just going to teleport around until he figures out something that works

It's not Goku's cleanest strategy for a victory, but it's certainly an unexpected one. It's the kind of hilarious fighting that Goku's been adjusted to all of this time, and it's going to create an even wider gap between the two fighters. While Gas has a ton of power at his disposal, Goku has the kind of experience that allows him to think on the fly and take advantage of any kind of opening or weakness that pops up. Even if he flusters Gas through all of this, we've seen before that it's been enough in the past. 

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