Dragon Ball Super Is Finally Ready to Explain How Bardock Beat Gas

Bardock has been a character that has had a major role in the Dragon Ball franchise despite dying before the start of the original shonen series that started the adventure of Goku and company. With the latest arc of Dragon Ball Super seeing Bardock play a major role by saving the lives of Granolah and his mother in the past, it seems that the mystery for how Goku's father was able to defeat the Heeters' strongest member, Gas, is about to be revealed.  

While Gas wasn't the strongest being in the universe during his fight against Bardock, he most certainly had a power level that was higher than Goku's father at the time. Bardock's power level was recorded as being around 10,000 during his time as a warrior under the employ of Frieza, with Goku and Vegeta themselves stating that they didn't believe the father of Goku would have stood a chance against the Heeter. While Bardock was able to defeat Gas, he didn't seem to have a power that was enough to defeat Frieza and stop the alien despot from destroying the Planet Vegeta and the vast majority of Saiyans that called the world their home.

The Official Dragon Ball Website shared a preview for Chapter 82 of Dragon Ball Super's manga, mostly focusing on the fight between Goku and Gas which is set to span the universe, but the title of said chapter hinting at the mystery behind Bardock in "Bardock Vs. Gas":

One of the theories that has been spreading amongst Dragon Ball fans has been the idea that this latest Dragon Ball Super Arc might see Bardock resurrected, with the Dragon Balls of the Planet Cereal having already been used twice to give both Granolah and Gas some major upgrades. If Bardock were to return to life following his death at the hands of Frieza, it would certainly create some big opportunities for storytelling for the lives of the Z-Fighters.

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