Dragon Ball Super Reveals the New Meaning of Saiyan Pride

Dragon Ball has been throwing around the term Saiyan Pride ever since the mythology of the series expanded into Goku's alien origins during Dragon Ball Z. However, the old meaning of Saiyan Pride – the unbrideled revel of battle can push a warrior past all limits – has only taken Goku and Vegeta so far. As the two Saiyan heroes have each started to embark upon their own respective of paths of leveling up in Dragon Ball Super, they've also wrestled with the history and nature of their Saiyan heritage – until now. 

Dragon Ball Super's latest chapter has reveald a new meaning of "Saiyan Pride," which will carry the character and series into a new kind of future! 

WARNING: Dragon Ball Super Chapter 84 SPOILERS Follow! 

In the latest Chapter of Dragon Ball Super, Goku and Vegeta finish listening to the recording of Bardock's fight with Gas on Planet Cereal, decades earlier. Bardock's heroism and his unlocking of a Secret Saiyan Power in battle shocked Goku, Vegeta, and old Namekian Monaito; for Goku, it was like finding the long-missing piece of the incomplete puzzle of who he was. Vegeta has already gotten there by combining his training as a Destroyer God with his own Saiyan Pride to unlock the power of Ultra Ego. With both Goku and Vegeta finally in touch with their Saiyan natures, new meaning could be forged between them. 

As Monaito frames it: 

"Bardock, what a funny way for your will to be passed down. A people's pride isn't about atoning for sins of the past. And it ain't about taking revenge. It's all about accpting your nature and sticking to your convictions. And that's true of any tribe out there." 

Later, on the battlefield, Ultra Instinct Goku and Ultra Ego Vegeta sum it up even more plainly for Gas: "It's got nothing to do with our odds of victory," Vegeta proclaims. "What drives us now is the sheer desire to win." 

Like so many other things in Dragon Ball, this feels like a bold step forward that is still somehow set within the same familiar framework. While 'Saiyan Pride' used to be a euphamism for arrgogance and aggression, it is now something that can be taken at face value, thanks to the heroic work Goku and Vegeta have both done in the name of their race. 

A heroic spin on Saiyan Pride opens interesting new doors to where Dragon Ball can go – especially since we've already seen the potential of it manifest in an alternate universe (Universe 6). 

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