Dragon Ball Super Forgot One of Its Most Promising Saiyans

When it comes to the Saiyan race, Dragon Ball fans only have so much to work with. Time and again, Goku has been confronted by his people's past and their penchant for violence. Fans know Goku has since become the strongest of Saiyans despite Vegeta's training, but there are others out there wanting to challenge the fighter. It wasn't long ago that Caulifa made her goal to take down Goku known, but she isn't alone.

After all, there is an entire universe out there filled with Saiyans, and it happens to be twins to the one Goku lives within. Dragon Ball Super brought out Universe 6 for a stunning spin a couple years back, and it was there fans met Caulifa and Kale in their natural habitats. Even Cabba got a little limelight, so fans are wondering what is the story behind Renso.

For those who will remember, Renso was an interesting figure from Universe 6. Cabba credits the man for making him so strong as Renso was his mentor. The older man happened to be the older brother of Caulifa, so there is no denying Renso's connections. The soldier must be strong if he taught both Cabba and Caulifa, but fans aren't sure how powerful the man must be.


So far, Dragon Ball fans know Renso was a powerhouse in his heyday as he acted as a captain in the Sadala Defense Forces. He has been trained to fight in ways which Goku cannot imagine, but his innate ability can only take him so far. To assume Renso is stronger than Caulifa given his age would be like saying Raditz is forever stronger than Goku. Renso may be one of the better teachers out there, but he's not the most powerful Saiyan by far. For now, fans would have a hard time ranking him above Bardock, but they would love the chance to see Renso fight back when he was in his prime. That is, should Toei Animation choose to bring back the series for another TV series.

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