Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero May Have a Big Announcement Coming Soon

The new year is here, and that means Dragon Ball Super is ready to let loose. This year will bring tons of content out to fans, and this spring will even welcome the franchise back to the screen. After all, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero will drop in April in Japan, and we may get some new information about the feature in the next week...!

The rumor comes from social media as pages like DBSHype shared a sneak-peek from V-Jump, one of Shueisha's monthly magazines. The reports suggest Dragon Ball Super is planning to drop an info dump on fans shortly, and it will go live in this month's magazine.

"This month's V Jump will have NEW INFO on [the] SUPER HERO Movie," DBSHype shared. "Analysis on characters, Red Ribbon Army Search files that hold the key to the story, and a comment from Toriyama!"

At this point, Shueisha has not said anything about this preview, so fans won't know anything until V-Jump comes out. Of course, this update is hardly surprising given the new year is here. Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is slated to debut in April overseas, so there is only so much time left to hype the film. Now that 2022 has arrived, it is time for the marketing cycle to kick things up a notch, and V-Jump is the perfect place to strut.

After all, V-Jump does have quite a lot to do with Dragon Ball. The magazine currently houses Dragon Ball Super's manga as it updates monthly. The print series has been ongoing even after the TV anime ended, and Dragon Ball has even done up some all-new arcs. Now, the manga's original stories are about to be joined by whatever Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero rolls out, so we're hoping its big update lives up to the hype.

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