'Dragon Ball Super' Teases How Toppo Unlocked His God of Destruction Form

The latest episode of Dragon Ball Super saw the Tournament of Power pass through another drastic minute of its finale, as Vegeta and Goku's powered-up battle with Jiren went nowhere, while Freeza and Android 17 went from having the upper hand on Toppo, to facing imminent elimination at the hands of a newly-crowned God of Destruction Toppo!

Fans have been buzzing about this change in Toppo's character, with some questioning if it was a good development for the character, or a cheap contrivance that contradicts everything we knew about Toppo up until now. However, fans paying careful attention quickly picked out some important details about Toppo's ascension:


from discussion [SUB] Dragon Ball Super - Episode #125 - Discussion Thread!.

The nature of Toppo's change once again underscores the mystery of the Universe 11 Pride Troopers competing in the tournament. Toppo and Jiren in particular have been shown to be intensely noble agents of justice; so what led Jiren to join the tournament? And what is so important about Universe 11's survival that Toppo would suddenly abandon all principals of justice to become a destroyer?

Now that we know Dragon Ball Super is coming to an end, the ending of the Tournament of Power and the ramifications of its finale are more important than ever. While most of the hype has been put on Universe 7's chances for survival, it seems as though the answers about Universe 11 are what will potentially redefine Dragon Ball as we know it.

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