Dragon Ball Super: Is Toppo More Powerful Than Jiren Now?

The final moments of Dragon Ball Super are upon fans, and they just got a lot more interesting [...]

The final moments of Dragon Ball Super are upon fans, and they just got a lot more interesting thanks to Toppo. Last weekend, the leader of the Pride Troopers popped off when he debuted his God of Destruction form and laid waste to Freeza. The beat down was a brutal one, and it left fans with a simple question: is Toppo really stronger than Jiren now?

Well, at this very moment, he might be. And, even if he is not, things still look bleak for Universe 7.

Dragon Ball Super has made no excuses for Jiren and his absurd strength. The guy all but defines being OP, and Goku learned firsthand how powerful Jiren is. When the duo fought for the first time, Goku lost the match despite using all of his forms against Jiren and unlocking his Ultra Instinct state. Not even a point-blank Spirit Bomb phased Jiren, and it seems the fighter has only gotten stronger since he meditated after defeating Goku.

As for Toppo, it is hard to tell how high the fighter's strength really is. The leader did tell Goku after their exhibition match that Jiren was more powerful than him, but that was before Toppo went God of Destruction mode. Right now, the leader has the power of Hakai — or Destruction Energy — at his disposal, and that is not something Jiren can compete with.

In the latest episode, Toppo proved just how insane his new form is. Not only does the God of Destruction state give him access to Hakai, but it shrouds his whole body with it. Essentially, the aura acts as a shield, and the Hakai is so potent that no attack can penetrate its armor. The fighter may not always be able to use Hakai offensively, but Toppo does have a built-in defense when he's in the form.

So far, fans have seen Toppo thrash Golden Freeza in his new form, and he did so with laughable ease. That kind of power puts Toppo on par with Super Saiyan God at a minimum, but his use of Hakai shoots him past that and into unknown territory alongside Jiren.

To put it simply, there is no telling which of the two fighters is stronger. Jiren and Toppo have not been able to show their full power yet, but there is one thing fans can be concerned about right now. The two troopers are the last ones fighting for Universe 11, and their tag-team dynamic mirrors Goku and Vegeta's shtick now.

Where Jiren is quiet with his strength like Goku, Toppo has become brash and destructive like Vegeta. The latter's God of Destructive form gives him a truly devastating offense, and Jiren's defenses just don't quit. If the two team up to take down the remaining members of Universe 7, they have a good shot at seeing the task through, and their overwhelming power may be too much of Goku and Vegeta to handle even if the two tag team.

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