Dragon Ball Super: What Are The Symbols On Toppo's Chest?

Dragon Ball Super is not messing around with Toppo these days. After being pushed aside in favor [...]

Dragon Ball Super is not messing around with Toppo these days. After being pushed aside in favor of Jiren, the Pride Trooper made a spectacular comeback last weekend when he all but annihilated Freeza. However, fans do have one question about Toppo and his new form: what exactly are those markings on his chest?

Well, ComicBook is glad you asked. The answer to that question is a simple yet subtle one.

When Toppo tapped into his God of Destruction form, fans watched as the once-tubby fighter grew into a towering mass of muscle. Gone went Toppo's dad bod and in came an eight pack, but his chest made fans do a double-take. A set of glowing red marks appeared on Toppo's abdomen once he transformed, and fans thought the symbols looked familiar.

Those fans were right about having seen the marks before. The symbols were shown awhile back when Belmod was introduced. The clownish God of Destruction debuted the pattern as he donned them on his waist sash. Belmod's pants are covered by a cloth featuring the triple-triangle symbols.

So far, there does not seem to be any special meaning behind the marks. They are simply the ones assigned to Universe 11 and its Gods of Destruction. Belmod wears the symbol on his clothes to signify his status, and Toppo gets branded with the marks when he adopts his God of Destruction form. There is no telling if Belmod also gets inked by the shapes when he fully powers up, but fans hope the character has a similar transformation to the one Toppo just showed off. After all, it would be pretty interesting to see Belmod all beefed up.

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