Ultra Instinct's Drawbacks Make It A Great Addition To ‘Dragon Ball’ Lore

Over the years, Dragon Ball has introduced a whole slew of transformations, and Saiyans have had [...]

Over the years, Dragon Ball has introduced a whole slew of transformations, and Saiyans have had lots of luck with their power-ups. Goku has plenty of forms he can use, but his latest is proving to be his most challenging yet. Ultra Instinct isn't a power Goku can tap by screaming, and fans are saying its drawbacks make the transformation worthy of Dragon Ball lore.

If you are not familiar with Ultra Instinct, you should know the power is a rare one which Goku unlocked recently. After training under Whis for some time, Goku was finally to do what the angel had been asking of him for so long. The Saiyan managed to unlock an unconscious fighting technique during his battle with Jiren, and it allowed Goku to dodge blows instinctively. Without his thoughts to cloud him, Goku made a comeback against Jiren during their match, but the Saiyan was ultimately defeated by the Pride Trooper.

In the past, Dragon Ball has used transformations as a way to help heroes like Goku win battles against villains. When Goku finally defeated Freeza in Dragon Ball Z, it was the fighter's Super Saiyan form that gave him the edge he needed over Freeza. The hero went on to debut his Super Saiyan Blue form against Freeza in Dragon Ball Super when Goku faced the baddie's evolved Golden form.

Time and again, new forms have given heroes guaranteed wins, but Ultra Instinct is double-sided enough to make victory a simple possibility when it is used. When Gohan went Super Saiyan 2 against Cell, fans knew the Saiyan would beat the artificial fighter. However, even when Goku uses Ultra Instinct, he can lose. Jiren beat him once in the form, and Goku has a lot to learn before he can use Ultra Instinct to its fullest potential.

As fans have seen, the new form does have a slew of drawbacks. Ultra Instinct is incredibly draining, and that leaves its user vulnerable if they are not careful. The form also has two parts to it, and it because penetrable if both halves are not properly mastered. Goku has only just learned how to use its defensive element let alone master it; With just fifteen minutes left in the Tournament of Power, Whis says he's even unsure if Goku can master the power and unlock the form's offensive element.

However, the most difficult part of Ultra Instinct is that its not one which Goku can use on command. The power can only be brought out when Goku is pushed to his very limit, and that only happens when the Saiyan is fighting someone who can do some serious damage.

Dragon Ball has let Goku become accustomed to fighting on the fly, but Ultra Instinct requires the hero to slow down. The form is all about making its user tap into their innermost self and let go of the control they so desperately want. On a physical and mental level, Ultra Instinct provides a challenge unlike any Goku has faced before, and fans are eager to see how it will in the franchise's lore.

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