Here's What Ultra Instinct Gogeta Could Look Like

If there is one thing Dragon Ball fans want, it is for Gogeta to be made canon. The fusion is [...]

If there is one thing Dragon Ball fans want, it is for Gogeta to be made canon. The fusion is widely regarded as one of the most powerful characters in the franchise, but Gogeta has yet to appear in anything aside from films and Dragon Ball GT. However, thanks to one fan, you can now see what Ultra Instinct Gogeta would look like in Dragon Ball Super.

As you can see below, a piece of fan-art of the Gogeta fusion has been making the rounds on social media. The drawing shows Gogeta in his usual outfit, but the fusion has some different hair going on. The character has jet black spikes rather than blond, and Gogeta can be seen glowing with the light blue aura of Ultra Instinct.

If you are not familiar with Gogeta, then you will want to brush up on the fighter ASAP. The character is the result of Goku and Vegeta fusing using the Fusion Dance properly. The hero hasn't been seen enough to tell how Gogeta stacks up against Vegito in full, but lore has told fans the Fusion Dance is superior to a Potara Fusion. On a basic level, Gogeta should be more powerful than Vegito, and fans have seen how destructive the true fusion can be.

Gogeta made his debut in Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn, and fans fell for the hero at first sight. The character made an appearance at the film's end after Janemba turns into his Super form. Goku and Vegeta quickly go through the Fusion Dance, but it fails at first. Veku is the result for the botched fusion, but the two Saiyans eventually get it right when Super Saiyan Gogeta makes his appearance. The fusion is able to take out Janemba after some fighting, and Gogeta reappeared later on in Dragon Ball GT where he went Super Saiyan 4.

So far, there are no plans to bring in Gogeta to Dragon Ball Super, but fans are always hopeful. The anime has been receptive to fusions as of late thanks to Kefla, so fans are keeping their fingers crossed Goku and Vegeta may Fusion Dance with one another during the Tournament of Power.

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