‘Dragon Ball Super’ Reveals What Goku Must Do To Master Ultra Instinct

Warning! Spoilers for Dragon Ball Super’s 116th episode lie below!Dragon Ball Super isn’t [...]

Warning! Spoilers for Dragon Ball Super's 116th episode lie below!

Dragon Ball Super isn't afraid to debut a new form every now and again. Super Saiyan God was just the first of many power-ups to come, and Ultra Instinct is the newest state fans have to freak over. Goku has yet to get a handle on Ultra Instinct, but fans know it's just a matter of time before he nails it.

So, it was nice of Dragon Ball Super to give fans the inside scoop about what Goku still has left to do.

In the most recent episode of Dragon Ball Super, fans watched as Goku returned to the form after getting knocked by Kefla. The Universe 6 fusion managed to give Goku a run for it and even knock him from Super Saiyan Blue. However, it seems like Goku was pushed to go Ultra Instinct because of Kefla's insane power.

After powering up, Universe 7 was left to watch as Goku gave his all against Kefla who went Super Saiyan 2. Krillin was amazed by how powerful Goku was with Ultra Instinct, but, Whis explained there is still more for Goku to accomplish.

Goku may have won his battle against Kefla, but Whis said the Saiyan could have ensure his victory sooner if he had mastered Ultra Instinct. So far, the fighter can only use the form to dodge instinctively, but Whis says the form is only complete when you can use it to attack unconsciously as well. Goku's assault on Kefla was weakened because he had to think about his attacks, and that split second of consciousness threw of Ultra Instinct's rhythm.

If Goku wants to master Ultra Instinct, he has to unlock the power-up's other half. The hero can tap into the form and its defensive capabilities, but Goku lacks when it comes to offensive. Something will have to trigger that second power within Goku moving forward, and fans are eager to see how Dragon Ball Super pushes Goku through his next limit-breaker.

So, how do you think Dragon Ball Super will get Goku to unlock the final half of Ultra Instinct? Hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB to let me know and talk all things anime!

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