'Dragon Ball Super': Watch The Best Scene Of Goku & Jiren's Battle

It finally came, the one hour special where Goku from Universe 7 and Jiren from Universe 11 went [...]

It finally came, the one hour special where Goku from Universe 7 and Jiren from Universe 11 went head-to-head. Apart from Whis, Jiren is the strongest fighter Goku has ever faces and that includes Beeus who looked quite nervous when Jiren released some of his Ki. In order to fight Jiren, Goku had to use Super Saiyan God, Super Saiyan Blue, KaioKen and even the Spirit Bomb, however, it was all in vain.

Goku just wasn't anywhere near strong enough to take on the Pride Trooper, with Jiren just being to ridiculously strong. However, just when all seemed lost and Goku had been beaten, the Saiyan found a new level of power. Goku unlocked his new transformation call "Mastery of Self Movement," which all the Gods knew a great deal about.

The transformation was most likely triggered due to Goku being tossed into the Spirit Bomb. The battle then became ever more intense, which neither fighter able to lose, otherwise his universe would be erased. Both fighter gave it their all and it was easily the greatest fight in the entire Dragoon Ball Super series and quite possibly the Dragon Ball franchise.

Goku may have lost the fight, however, he is recovering and if he can figure out how to awaken that power hidden within him again, then it is likely that Goku could take on Jiren properly this time. Most likely fans will have to wait for a few more characters to be knocked out of the tournament first, as it's only half=way through the battle royal.

ultra instinct self movement goku vs jiren by windyechoes-dbpwz0s
(Photo: Toei Animation)

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