Dragon Ball Artist Imagines Bulma's Saiyan Swimwear

There's no telling what an official Dragon Ball swimwear collection look like, but one artist from the franchise has whipped up a cute imagining of what that would look like for Bulma! Bulma has had several different looks over the course of Akira Toriyama's now over three decade old franchise, but this one definitely stands out from above the rest. dragongarowLEE, the artist who brought Dragon Ball: That Time I Got Reincarnated as Yamcha to life, has shared several fun sketches from the Dragon Ball universe with fans on Twitter but the latest sketch of Bulma isn't just a re-imagining of what has come before.

This latest sketch features the younger incarnation of Bulma in a bathing suit with a visual style modeled from Vegeta's Saiyan armor. While this sketch also does double duty in tying the fan favorite couple together more than ever before, it's also a fun new look for the character and a fun design for potential merchandise. Check it out:

Bulma has remained one of the key characters through the franchise, and it's because of the malleability Toriyama gave to her design. Not only is Bulma a character that you can place in practically any situation in the series, but her base design is fit for so many varied looks that no matter how many times you see her Bulma remains a fresh face.

She's also got the brains and personality to back it up! She's one of the stalwarts in the franchise because of her ability to thrive in basically all of the arcs in the series thus far. Even when she's not directly involved, Bulma is still a figure head for important moments through her scientific advancements, meddling ways, and more.

One reason fans are ready for the Dragon Ball Super anime to continue is to see what kinds of situations Bulma will find herself in next! But what do you think about Bulma? Which is the best Bulma look in the series overall? Which Dragon Ball looks would make a perfect fit for an official swimwear line? Would you rock a Saiyan armor inspired bathing suit or trunks? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or talk to me directly about all things anime and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!